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1952 Japan Vacuum Clock Co.,Ltd
1955 Japan Electric Clock Co.,Ltd
1959 Gyoda factory is inaugurated.
1962 Tamagawa factory is inaugurated.
Listed on the second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1963 Company name is changed to Jeco Co., Ltd.
1970 Nagano Jeco Co., Ltd. is founded.
1974 TPS is introduced.
1976 TQC is introduced.
1985 Head office is moved to the Gyoda factory.
1995 JAPI (Philippines) is founded.
1998 ISO9001 review registration
2000 ISO14001 review registration
2003 Achieved “All Jeco Zero Emissions.”
2005 Dongguan Jeco Electronics Co.,Ltd (China) is founded.
2012 60th annivarsary

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